Reasons to seek marriage counselling Singapore

A marital relationship demands a lot: love, trust, responsibility, sacrifice, sharing, commitment and many many more. And when one of these values lacks in one or both partners, a marriage experiences the hardest time. In most cases, when a couple realizes that, it is already too late and they are on the verge of getting separated.

But with little consciousness and efforts, it is possible to save marriages which is crucial not only for the couple but also for their kids. Marriage counselling can do that. For couples in Singapore, some very good marriage counselling services are available and here are why and eventually when you should seek such service?

There is lack of communication

Any issues can be solved if there is scope for communication. If that is missing in a marriage, it only further deteriorates the relationship. Lack of communication means you can not express to your partner how you feel, what one says the other makes wrong meaning of it, you can not discuss issues, the way of conversation is very rough and harsh etc. Any such situation creates further distance between each other.

Extra-marital affairs

Studies show that extra marital affairs or suspecting such an affair on the part of the partner have been seen to be the most frequent causes of divorce. Once involved in such an affair, it is difficult for couples to save their marriage from that. Marriage counselling Singapore can be a great help in that by improving couples’ communication and making them to learn to forget and forgive.

Lacking intimacy

It has been seen that after years of successful married life, couples lose the initial intimacy and just co-exist as room mates. This happens mostly when kids are there and they occupy the most time and attention of the couple. Such a situation can eventually lead to create distance from each other. A Family Counselling Singapore can help in such situation by bringing back the memories and the time, they have spent together.

When the ego factor is there

In modern countries like Singapore, usually both partners continue their profession, after marriage also. This may bring some source of ego conflict among them if they are unable to keep separate their professional and personal life. Such conflict is sometimes so severe that it ends in divorce. If you suspect any such chance in your marriage, it is time to seek marriage counselling Singapore.

The couple is staying together only for the children

Many couples don’t go for divorce and try to somehow adjust and manage staying in the same house for the sake of their children. They don’t want that their bad relationship to have influence on their children’s upbringing. But usually such efforts don’t bring much result. If the crack has occurred on the wall, it will definitely widen with time and the wall has to fall someday or other. If you want to save it from falling, visit a marriage counsellor today.

It is always better to try to improve things than just to escape. If you are ready to try, marriage counselling services Singapore is there to support.

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5 Tips On How To Get Your Man Back

How past time passes! Just a couple of days back, you met him and started a relationship where you couldnt ask for moresatisfying and fulfilling! And now, he has decided to live life without you and you, on the other hand, is looking for ways on how to get your man back. Do NOT panic ” Ill be helping you with some tips on how to get your man back right here!

Forget about holding others responsible. What happened in the past MUST stay in the past. If you think your guy is to blame, to forgive and forget is the way to go. If its the other way around, a heartfelt apology should fix it.

Quit being the mobile phone terrorist who sends 80 messages a day plus 100 phone calls asking him to get back with you. Thats not the right way how to get your man back. You will scare him away! Think about it ” if someone did that to you just so he could date you, what would you feel? That will make you run to the woods, and the same thing goes for your ex-boyfriend.

Drop the idea of sending 100s of messages and calling him a thousand times a day. That will only scare him away and make him run as far as he couldAWAY from you. As someone who wants to know how to get your man back, you sure dont want that to happen.

And get this, if you have to plan for revenge on how to get your man back, maybe its not love that you have towards him.

Spying can be your ticket to prison. Following him like a stalker complete with the state-of-art binoculars is not a good way on how to get your man back. But its an excellent way to get a restraining order. Ouch!

So you did everything you can to fix things and yet it just wont work? Maybe its about time to accept that the relationship was NOT meant to be.

So hes not returning your calls, ignoring the fact that your exist, and hes trying to keep you away BUT youre still struggling to piece things together? Maybe its about time to seek professional help. Act before things get out of hand.

On some situations, these 5 tips on how to get your man back would work perfectly. While on other instances, it may NOT. But then, giving these a try shouldnt hurt, right? And if it doesnt click, theres plenty of fish in the sea to catch.

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Tips On How To Pick An Internet Dating Site

New dating websites are created nearly every day, so how exactly do you choose one that fits your needs? I’ve listed a few tips to help you choose a dating site..

Are you looking for a free online dating site or one you have to pay for?

Many newcomers to the online dating scene wonder if shelling out the $ 30/month for membership is actually worth it. If you’re absolutely committed to finding love online, then you should go for it. Think about it for a minute. In comparison to going out to a bar or club and buying overpriced drinks for someone who could reject you publically, $ 30-$ 50 a month is actually a small fee. Most of these websites offer free memberships with limited options – it is useful to get your feet wet with the free membership to see if you like the site features

Sometimes free websites have a lot of “window shopper” profiles. “Window shoppers” are those that will sign up in order to see what the site is about and who is on it but then never return. In addition to “window shoppers” free dating websites sometimes have spam robots roaming and creating dummy profiles concealing links to direct you to adult websites in a message. More importantly, free dating sites don’t have the same amount of security as paid dating sites. One thing you must remember no matter what dating site you ultimately end up choosing, personal safety habits are your responsibility. Never give out your phone number, address, or have your date pick you up at your house when you do meet.

General or Niche?

General dating sites are those such as or eHarmony – drawing people from all walks of life. The users on these sites are not looking for anything specific when it comes to interests but is just looking for anyone that is single in their area. While these websites have the largest user databases and having quantity may be good, quality also weighs heavily when choosing the proper website.

Niche dating websites enable members to be in the exact spot for what they are looking for, whether that is atheist singles looking for atheist online dating. There are many niche websites out there if you search hard enough, but keep in mind that there may or may not be enough singles (if any) in the area.

Dating or Social Networking?

These two terms are often used interchangeably when it comes to online dating; after all you can have a profile and friends, send messages, and upload photos on both OkCupid and Facebook – so what’s the difference? The difference is the reason why people are on either website. You cannot expect to go to Facebook and add every attractive person in hopes they are interested in dating you.

Becoming a member of an exclusive dating website takes out the mystery of why they are there in the first place. Everyone who signs up is looking for that special someone, and no eyebrows will be raised if you try to contact someone who interests you. Without any experience you can discover a great dating website, and the person you’ve been looking for.

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Want A Loving-Hot Relationship? Try These Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Have you figured out the way to continue to make your girlfriend happy? The following offers some advice on relationships for men.

The first advice about relationships I’ve got for you is to always be yourself. Scores of guys don’t feel that they are good enough to catch a stunning, sexy woman, so they really put on a show. Then again a more self-assured man certainly is the sexiest beast around. Have you ever noticed that some of the ugliest adult men have some of the prettiest women? That is really because they exhibit a level of self-assurance which is usually more desirable to a lot of women than physical looks.

Next, you should do the little but important things. This means offering to take your girlfriend’s automobile in for an oil change or offering your girlfriend a bag of Jelly Bellies (her favorite flavors) from time to time. At times men think in terms of ‘grand gestures’, when it is always the tiny things that add up in long relationships.

This ties in to the next bit of advice on relationships: appreciate her. You shouldn’t take her for granted. Let her to know that you value her.

Next up is not checking out other women when you are with your girlfriend. Most women think that you are comparing your girlfriend to the woman you’re checking out. They don’t understand the complete notion of ‘the day I stop looking is the day I die’. This hails from the biological drive for monogamy inside women. Women want a lifetime partner for a man together with whom they could raise children. They can’t help it. That’s just how evolution designed them. Hence minimize all of the ogling, especially if she’s around.

Make an attempt to make her laugh. Although men list good looks in first place on the things they need in a woman, a lot of women list a man’s sense of humor. For that reason, when you really want the relationship to last, keep her laughing.

Typically the next bit of advice on relationships comes in searching for common interests. It’s fine if you got together due to the fact of a hobby or an interest, yet it still will help when you acquire an interest in a long standing passion of . If this means forming an appreciation for foreign motion pictures, so be it. This reveals that you really care about her and she will realize you are one in a million.

Once you get the girl, it may feel just like you really do not have to try any more at least as far as grooming goes. Plus, while women are usually less sensitive to appearances than guys are, they still prefer a guy who makes an attempt. So, shave on days off. Keep in touch with the newest clothing trends for men. To sum up, don’t get sloppy just simply because you’ve landed your girlfriend. You could possibly unland her just as easily.

She is going to want to know that she can easily integrate you into her circle of family and friends. A guy needs to become part of her larger life, especially after the first few weeks of passion are over. Thus, make an effort to get along by working with her girlfriends and impress her parents. A woman relies on her interpersonal network to confirm her relationship choices. Make an effort.

You should continually be considerate of her feelings. Women are less stable as compared to guys. Part of this is hormonal. Any time you are sensitive to her mood, you won’t get on her bad side.

The last piece of advice on relationships is to be open to trying new things. At the beginning of a relationship, everything is new from the sorts of dates you arrange to the way you kiss. Yet, after a while, all these things become routine. If you find that your relationship has fallen directly into a rut, shake things up. Experiment with a little something new. That will certainly go a long way to always keeping your relationship healthy.

Thus, there are ten bits of advice on relationships to be able to keep your dating life strong and make your girlfriend happy. Look you guys, from a lady who knows, these things are common sense and if you don’t know about them they can drive your lover out of your life due to the fact that you don’t pay attention to what you are doing. There is a book that is guaranteed to wake you up written by T ‘Dub’ Jackson titled “The Magic Of Making Up”. It contains a lot of great information. After you read it and begin using his common sense advice, your love life will most certainly turn around. Also all of your personal relationships, with friends, co-workers and your family should become much stronger than they were before.

You might want to check out – “The Magic of Making Up” yourself.

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Trying Online Marriage Counseling For Your Marriage

Marriage is something that takes a lot of time and effort to keep on track. More and more couples are looking into online marriage counseling as opposed to traditional methods. Being able to stay in the convenience of their own homes and still get the help that they require is a godsend to many. Not only is this more convenient to them but also it is far less expensive.

Lots of websites are popping up all the time on the internet offering help to couple’s that are having marital conflicts. All of them offer ways to help before the marriage is totally destroyed. Save My Marriage Today is one such site. It is not only convenient but also gives people that have issues with the idea of talking to a marriage counselor an option to help them as well. This site offers a wealth of information on ways to get your marriage back on the good path.

More and more online marriage counseling websites are appearing all the time. Each one has their own personal ideas on what to do and what not to do to get the marriage of your dreams. Save My Marriage Today seems to have done the same thing but has a system that works in a far shorter time frame then the others. Quick results is something that most of want from anything that we get into. Waiting is something that is not well liked by most humans. We are after all not the most patient species in the world.

The woman that created this series has been an avid writer for a long time on relationship and dating issues. Her success has been proven by the many readers of her works that have attested to her writings. Now she has developed the steps that we can all use in efforts to reconnect with our partners and get the marriage we want. Whether the issue is passion, infidelity, communication, or any other issue that can affect the marriage she has covered them all in her E-course.

Having read the testimonials that people have written that have tried this system makes me think that this could be a savior for many other marriages that are in turmoil. Why pay the enormous costs of traditional marriage counseling when you can pay a small fee and get online marriage counseling.

Online marriage counseling seems to be a great concept for all types of people. Try browsing the options on the internet and see what is out there before making a rash decision about your marriage. You don’t want to throw everything away do you?

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Lengthy Term Relationship Recommendation And Suggestions

Being in a relationship isn’t straightforward nevertheless it becomes simpler when each events are prepared to commit and naturally when each are prepared to offer a hundred% of their love and belief to every other. An important long term relationship recommendation that I’ve ever heard is to construct a powerful basis of friendship.

It’s great to have a lover and friend in one person, makes life much easier and sweeter. Be kind and do stuff for each other. Also, when you are able to build a friendship with your partner, you get more comfortable and you are not terrified to let your guards down.

The subsequent important long term relationship advice I can give you is effective communication. Learn to listen to your associate’s needs and demands and typically you actually have to learn between the lines. A relationship will die sooner than you suppose if each events can’t find a way on the best way to overtly and truthfully communicate their feelings to 1 another. Be trustworthy on a regular basis, say what you mean and mean what you say.

Easier said than done but it’s very important for you to master this. Try not to be offensive when you want to open up some issues to your special someone. Always do it in a respectful and yet assertive manner.

One other long run relationship advice I can give you is to learn how to differentiate constructive and damaging jealousy. Think about this- if you do not belief your accomplice right initially of the relationship, is there a need so that you can proceed? You possibly can’t let jealousy break a very beautiful relationship.

You can’t let it distract you from having the happy relationship that you want. If you let jealousy crawl up on you, it will consume you and before you know it, you and your partner are already headed to splitsville.

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Online Dating Success Tips

You may be hesitant about online dating at first because you think that finding love through online dating websites may not be your cup of tea. However, career and the lack of opportunities to find dates offline is a problem for many people. That is why they have turned to online dating.

After all, your chances of finding a good match at a bar is not higher than at a website with millions of users all looking for dates. There are many online dating success stories at any website that you visit and the statistics of such websites show that there are many, many people using online dating sites.

Online Dating Websites

The first thing you need to do, of course, is to post your personal ad in any dating website. Choose a site that is free when you start looking for a match. Craigslist is very popular.

Sometimes a niche website may be best for you, especially if you have specific needs. For example, there are online dating sites that cater to Christians of various denominations if faith is important to you.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating safety should be a priority for you. Never post important information like your work email, cell phone number, address, etc. Get a new email that you will use for online dating contacts.

When going on a date take following precautions for your safety:

· Use a public phone.
· Meet at a public place during daytime.
· A quick, informal date is best such as going for coffee or lunch.
· Have your own transportation.
· Do not go into a car with a person you don’t now yet.
· Tell a friend or family member the details of your date before you go.
· Bring pepper spray with you.
· Do not drink anything that was out of your sight and that your date has access to.
· Don’t get drunk.
· You might want to consider double dating with a friend if you can.

Online Dating Success

Successful online dating requires that you make an honest personal profile. You may want to consider posting your photo because more people will add you as a contact if you do. For women, pictures where you are smiling or flirting directly at the camera are good. Myspace-style shots where the camera is above the head and at an angle to show your face and upper body are also good. Shots that show interesting activities like playing a musical instrument or bungee jumping will also attract more contacts and messages from other dating website users.

For men, a picture showing them with an animal or showing off their body are both excellent choices. Smiling is actually optional as dating website statistics show that pictures of men who are looking slightly away from the camera and not smiling attract more attention.

Your profile text should be honest and reflect your hobbies and interests, no matter how mundane or uninteresting they seem to you. People aren’t always looking for someone very unusual.

In the end, online dating is not really that different from traditional dating except that you have a lot more choices. It can open up a world of possibilities for you and many people have met their life partner through online dating when previously they would not have had much chance of meeting that person offline.

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Tips on How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Your girlfriend needs to feel head over heels in love with you and then she needs to feel your love for her. When these two things are in place, she feels really special.

You cannot always do the right thing at the right time in a relationship, it usually does come with experience but it’s tough to be so perfect.

There are times when your girlfriend would feel really special and there are times when she would feel hurt or upset.

Her relationship with you is most special to her and its usually the most important factor in her life. Make her feel happy in the relationship and she will end up feeling really special.

Remember that it is a two way train, two things have to be in place.

You can make you girlfriend feel special by doing the below

Be a good listener

Girls love to talk their heart out but rarely do they talk with the purpose of getting solutions.

To them talking is an end to itself. Guys usually talk with a purpose, if they have problem or story to share. For guys talking is a means to and end which would be to get a solution or convey an opinions.

When you girlfriend talks to you about anything all you need to do is listen to her. So feeling compelled to put in your opinion or suggestion.

She is usually not looking for a solution to her problems and is just thinking aloud. If she wants a solution would ask you directly. Be there for her when she wants to talk things out.

Give her your time

It is possible to be bogged down by your work. There are countless relationships which have gone down the drain because the couple did not have time for each other due to their work.

Work is a part of life and it is temporary. Don’t give it more importance than it deserve, it is not prudent to become work centric. When you are with your girlfriend, don’t be thinking about your work.

Try to take time out every now and take you girlfriend out for a cruise or a dinner, so that you can spend quality time together.

When you hold her as the most important priority in your life, she is bound to feel special.

Don’t insult her judgment

Guys are prone to be more egoist than girls. Most guys would unconsciously snub their girlfriend for her opinions.

Her judgments are important to her, its part of her conditioning. You need to understand this and allow her to have her opinions without imposing yours on it or insulting her for it.

Girls act like kids at times. She will feel special when you pamper her needs however silly they might seem to you.

Ask her for advice

You can do this just to make her feel special. You might have the solution to a problem, but you can ask her for advice nevertheless.

Girls love giving advice. She would feel special knowing that she has part to play in guiding your life.

Most guys who think they are too perfect to ask others for help would need to work on this for a while. Ask your girlfriend for advice on simple problems and let her come up with a solution. You will be amazed at how happy she will feel when you do this.

Get Romantic

Some guys need to work on their romantic nature while some are just natural at it. Girls are die hard romantic and they do feel the need for romance in the relationship however long term it might be.

Simple things like a surprise gift can make her feel touched. She would feel really special knowing that you took time out to go shopping for her and got her a gift.

Get her something you know she will love, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Even a box of candies would do great, if she loves chocolates (most girls do).

Always stand up for her

When in a crowd always stand up for your girlfriend. Most guys take the side of their friends or family members.

For your girlfriend, you support would matter more than anything else.

If she feels that you will stand up for her no matter what the circumstance may be, she would feel protected and secure in your company. This would make her feel really special.

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10 Aries Man Dating Tips

Aries is a zodiac sign for any person who was born any day between 21st March and 20th April. All people sharing this zodiac sign has similar temperaments and things we can identify them with. When an Aries man wants to date, he should consider what best describes him and choose a mate through these lines. Below are a few of Aries man dating tips that if followed well, will ensure a fulfilling dating life for the Aries man.

The first of Aries man dating tips is for him to find an independent and witty woman since he likes people who flatter his ego. The woman an Aries man chooses should be one that does not exaggerate this because this might have the opposite effect. Next in the Aries man dating tips, which is very important, is to find a woman who lets the Aries man win because Aries men love winning. The woman that an Aries dates should be wise enough to let the man take the first step, although this rule is not cast in stone.

The third tip is for an Aries out to date is to search for a woman who caresses his head, touches his lips, etc, but one who does not lead him on because Aries men do not take too kindly to being told no. Coming in fourth for the Aries man dating tips is that he should be on the lookout for a woman who is as enthusiastic and straightforward as he is when it comes to matters of sex. Because the Aries man is full of energy in sexual matters, the woman he chooses to date should be able to supply the fantasy and imagination that the Aries man needs.

The fifth of the Aries man dating tips is the woman he dates should also be into love at first sight and a woman who lives for the moment so as to be compatible with the man. An Aries man should choose a woman who is what he dreams about in a woman because if he does not do so, he will never get satisfaction with whoever he settles for.

The sixth tip is that the Aries man should look for an understanding woman who will understand him when his passion goes to waste. This is because he falls in and out of love very easily and quickly and so the woman should read him and give him space.

The seventh of the Aries man dating tips is strong and viciously independent so as not to bore the Aries man because they love challenging and difficult goals. The woman should be exciting so as to prevent boredom which the Aries man hates.

The eighth tip for the Aries man is to find rather submissive women who will sooth their ego because the Aries man is traditionally associated with masculinity.

The ninth tip is for the Aries man to only go for women who are not emotionally selfish, especially in matters of sex and passion. Finally, the last of the Aries man dating tips is to make sure he gets over flings first before deciding on a serious relationship because Aries men love fun flings.

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I Have To Save My Marriage Today For My Kids

Have you been looking for ways to save a collapsing relationship? Are you having difficulty on how to make things better with an upsetting marriage? Do you always ask yourself, “How can I save my marriage today?” In this case, you need to go over the contents of this article. You will be provided with essential facts and answers to your marriage concerns.

No matter how great or insignificant the cause of your troubles, you have to understand that leaving this unresolved can still result to break-up. However, there are helpful measures you can apply to start bringing things back. You can have the power over this situation provided that you have the right resources and knowledge on how to deal with it. Read on and you will meet effective ways on how to help save your marriage.

Known to have been used by numerous couple already, counseling is said to be one great solution to the problem. With the aid of an expert in marriage counseling, you are given chances to work things together with your partner. This enables husband and wife recognize their faults and think of ways on how to manage the worsening situation. This in the end leads to a fruitful relationship like that when they’re still starting.

On the other hand, some couples who have undergone counseling don’t often find success in saving their marriage. If this happens to you, there are other techniques you can apply. Get the support of a marriage handbook like the Save My Marriage Today. Reliable books like this provide you with important and effective techniques, plans, and instructions on how to keep your marriage regardless of the root cause.

Additionally, one of the most important things you can easily do is to decide and go for the right thing. Always keep in mind that you won’t want to end things badly, so you have to make sure you are taking the right steps. Think and act reasonably. You can possibly do this if you allow yourself and your partner enough time to ponder things. Never let your emotions rule over, especially when you are trying to talk about the circumstances.

Through these, you can now start patching things up and start a new beginning. Finally, you are able to say, I can save my marriage today. Just bear in mind these measures and you can surely gain success in bringing back the relationship you once had.

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