What is a Rebound Relationship? 5 Tips to Deal With It

You hear a lot of talk about rebound relationships. But, just what is a rebound relationship? Well, you know your ex is in a rebound relationship if he or she is dating someone else in order to get over you. Rebound relationships usually start just days or weeks after a serious breakup.

Without being aware of it, a person in a rebound relationship is still hurting (at one or more levels) as a result of the recent breakup. This pain can keep them from being ready emotionally to invest in the new relationship. But, at the same time, their pain may drive them to remain tied to the new relationship for an indefinite period.

If you have recently split up with your lover and they are now in a rebound relationship, your first reaction might be one of pain or jealousy. “How could they do this to me?” you may be asking yourself. And, you may be wondering how to get him or her back. Well, here is a piece of good news: the very fact that your ex is now in a rebound relationship means that they are trying to cope with losing you!

The reason you broke up is not important. And, it is not important who initiated the breakup. What does matter is that you once shared – and may still share – true love. And, as the storybooks say, every relationship that has a foundation in true love can be salvaged.

If your ex really is involved in a rebound relationship, right now his or her focus is on the problems that you had in your recent relationship. He or she has probably chosen to be with someone who is very different from you – just to prove a point that they can move on. Remember, whomever your ex chose to date now, their choice is not meant to make you mad – it is meant to prove to themselves that they are still lovable.

If you are interested in getting him or her back in your life and away from this rebound relationship, you need to study the situation. For example, you can learn something from their choice in a new lover that could help the two of you rekindle your relationship. It gives you a chance to see what he or she is looking for. If he or she has chosen to date someone very different from you, it could indicate that something was missing in your previous relationship. You can now use your extra free time to better yourself.

While the situation you are in now may be painful, there is no changing it – at least, not for the moment. So, the first step in getting him or her back is to just sit back and analyze the situation. Let the rebound relationship run its course. After all, as your ex spends time with their new lover, that person’s flaws may also become very apparent. Who knows, you might be looking pretty good to your ex right about now.

It is for this reason that you do not want to go back to him or her on your knees. Rather, let your ex get the sense that he or she misses the good things about your relationship. And, if you can get your ex to consider having you back, be a gracious about it. Be the new-and-improved person that you know you can be.

Here are 5 additional tips on how to deal with it:

1. Do not try too hard to make your ex think you are the love of their life. Rather, let your ex figure this out for him or herself.

2. Do not apologize for your past actions, apart from something like, “I am sorry it did not work out for us.” No long speeches, please!

3. Do not promise to change for your ex. You need to remain confident in who you are and remind them that the true you is what they found attractive in the first place.

4. Do not try to convince your ex that the breakup – or the problems in your relationship – were not your own fault. Doing so will only put your ex on the defensive, and this will not get you any traction.

5. Whatever you do, you need to avoid begging him or her to take you back.

When you ex starts going out with someone just after you break up, he or she is in a rebound relationship. You can make up with her and get back together. Don’t despair or get depressed. Remember, the fact that they are in a rebound relationship means that they may very well still be in love with you.

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Dating Tips for Men-Judging Your Current Date Progress

In fact the tidal waves of different emotions are part and parcel of the dating battlefield. Sometimes its extremely hard to analyze the progress of the current dating situation and at times you are not sure about the actual success rate. This article is about clutching the vivid signs to analyze the other partner. If you are also getting confused signs about your current date and you are not sure whether your current partner is actually happy or she is just trying to get rid of your company then you must take assistance from this inimitable article.

The first tip in the list of dating tips for men in order to analyze their date progress is to take a look if their dating partner is not frequently looking at her watch or the clock in her mobile. If you notice that the partner is in some kind of hurry and she keeps on looking her watch then this is a bad sign that depicts an extremely bad picture of your dating relation. It shows that she wants to get rid of your company and she has no interest in sitting with you anymore. On the other hand if you don’t see any of the above mentioned signs then everything is ok.

The second sign which shows that your date is ruined is if she is constantly asking you that she has to get somewhere or she is getting very late. The point is if she is fine with your company, she would have forgotten all other meetings or assignments. The dating normally hypnotizes the other partner and if she is worried about some other assignments then she is not enjoying the moments of her dating. So you must turn things up to make her happy. Similarly if the partner is not complaining about any other assignments then your dating seems to be successful. In short, trying to be away from the dating site is not a good sign for the date.

If you feel during your dating the she keeps on talking about some other guys or her colleagues then this is also an alarming sign. It shows that she is trying to get rid of you without showing her annoyance. The point is when she is with you then she must be exploring your life and not someone other. Furthermore, the situation would show worst signs if she starts ringing other guys to come over the dating place. This is also a very bad signal showing that she has no interest in being with you anymore. Hence you must keep your eyes open and its better to quit your current date rather than being embarrassed. The other side of it is extremely fine if she is totally absorbed in your company and don’t show the above mentioned sign.

Hence these were some of the basic signs which you must check up during your dating session to make sure that your dating is excellent, good, normal or even worst.

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Get Quick Online Relationship Advice Free and Live Better

Stressed and upset with your love life? Wondering how to solve these problems and sort out things? Remember, a smooth relation helps you live a comfortable life. So, solve your struggle with relationship issues quickly. But how will you do that? If you wish to change your life and bring a smile on your face, just take help from the online relationship advise free website. It is free and quick. All you have to do is drop a mail. Write about your issue, and wait for the advisor’s response. The advisor will listen to your problem and suggest accordingly.

Relationships can be difficult sometimes and there are instances when couples need to get some counseling and professional advice. Getting the professional help from the relationship advice experts can save their marriage and can help in leading better and happier life. Problems can be of any type, but there has to be a solution. In this busy life, you may not have time to go and talk a therapist personally. So take online helps and live a comfortable life. You may need help in solving problems oriented to.

– Your love life
– Long distance dating
– Marriage and commitment issues
– Marital problems and conflict solution
– Advice on the first date
– Intimate issues
– Family problems
– Insecurity and ageing
– Break up and Cheating

Selecting Online Free Relationship Advice

Selecting online relationship advice will help you in solving intimate problems easily. Here are easy steps on how one can go for it:

– You have to write a mail stating your relationship issue.
– You can discuss your problem secretly. If you do not wish to tell about it to your friends, you can opt for online help.
– It is quick and free. No need to spend money. Just use the internet and drop a mail. The advisor will contact you.
– You will get help from experienced counselors and psychological therapist.
– You can register and get the free news letter and advice mails about tips and suggestions of maintaining relationship.
– You may contact them at any time of the day. Just access your internet connection and visit the website. You will get instant help.
– You will get free angel card reading facility.
– Download the E-Book on relationship management. Read it and take suggestion whenever necessary.
– You will also receive emails or coaching mails regarding relationship handling.

So you can discuss your problems and solve it without disturbing others by consulting a reliable Los Angeles couples counseling or relationship advice free therapist. He will help you lead a better life. You will feel loved and comfortable. There will be no more stress and tension in your life. Live happily, by taking help from online advisors.

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Dating Sites – Online Dating Tips For Men

Online dating is growing in popularity as men and women discover how fun and easy it is to find love online. Here are some dating site tips for men which could make your dating experience even more rewarding.

If you want to increase the number of email response you get, read on for tips about the best ways to update your profile and present yourself online.

First email success

To increase the online dating email to response ratio, aim to make contact with women whose dating site profiles show they have something in common with you on a few different levels. Studies show that couples who last tend to have a lot in common as this makes for a more harmonious partnership.

Write tailored emails

Job hunters will sometimes send out hundreds of applications and then be surprised that nobody has replied. It’s harder to write specially tailored applications to many different jobs and the same goes for online dating.

It’s impossible to properly tailor your messages if you’re emailing hundreds of women, so consider picking a few who you share a reasonable amount of interests with and write something slightly more personal to them so they know you have taken the time to find out a bit about them. You will probably receive a lot more replies this way.

Employ a ‘trial and error’ approach

Switch around your main dating site profile picture to see which one helps you to get the type of responses you are looking for. You might find that an interesting photo which gives a talking point is popular because that will help people think of something they can comment on when they get in touch.

Also, try mixing up your initial emails and your profile description and see which combination generates the most interest. There are an infinite number of things you could say about yourself, as well as ways to approach members of the opposite sex, and trying some different tactics once in a while and it could really pay off in the long run.

Sense of humour

While this doesn’t work for everyone, if you can wow your online dating partners with a genuinely fabulous sense of humour, this will give you a great advantage in terms of generating first email replies. While the first email should always be short and to-the-point, and not every word you utter needs to be a joke, there is still room for a spot of witty banter when you send your messages.

Take a step back

If you’ve been dating online for a while, you might start to find it harder to be objective. As author Salman Rushdie says, the only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step out of the frame so, to get a little perspective, try taking a short break from dating sites and go back later with a fresh approach. It can be good to analyse your strategy with a second or even third opinion, ideally from unbiased people, who can suggest how your dating strategy might be improved.

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Senior Dating Tips: The Red Flags Of A Relationship Player

You think that your present partner is just perfect. He is the man of your dreams but sometimes, there comes a time where you know something about his past- and it just irks you. Certain things that just don’t settle well with you. Well, as long as your relationship sails smoothly then it doesn’t really matter right? Well, that’s not always the case.

Here are some advice on whether they need to be forgiven or need to be flagged.

1. They have cheated before.

Tricky, tricky. Well, when it comes down to it, cheating is like a cry for someone who is not happy with their present relationship- but is just too chickenhearted to end it. Well, there are certain issues that need to be taken in hand. If they have faltered mainly due to their partner or they have done it but made great lengths to make it up- it’s worth giving it a go. If you find him trying to keep your relationship together, being honest and not hide anything from you then it’s a good sign. However, if you find him to be a repeat offender then back off. If you see him always looking at other women, see him sneaking out or always giving you suspicious excuses then that’s already a different picture. Stay away from his type.

2. They have never gotten a relationship that lasted long term.

If you find that your partner has had a long string of short term flings, then be wise enough to question it. Why are most of his relationships like that? Do they get bored quickly? Are they not ready to commit? Is it all just for fun? If you are looking for a fling then great! You both fit well together. But if you are looking for someone to have a long term relationship with then tread these grounds carefully. Don’t get caught going in too deep.

3. They have just ended a long term relationship.

Well, you can see that he’s quite a keeper since he’s had a long term relationship. It’s not really a dumpable offense. But when it comes to it, you have to put yourself first. Get ready for the blaring of the alarm bells and be cautious. If he seems to be always angry, hurt and overly sensitive about relationships and talking about the “ex” then steer clear. You need to give them some space and time to totally get over their ex and their emotions for them if they can. Understand that they have to make peace with themselves before they can ever start dating.

4. They have a record for an adventurous past.

Now, you walk in the bar and it seems all the ladies flock to him- what’s up with that right? Now you walk down the street and you find strippers following him around- downright creepy. Then you learn about all his crazy taste in women, friends, endless parties, flings, relationships and date hopping. Woot! Everything devious comes to the list. They have all done it from sexual deviancy to indulgent partying till the next full moon! You get entertained by his stories of all his “gallant” misadventures and he seems really interesting. Yes, they are great, the light and life of the party but that doesn’t mean they’d be a great light and life in a relationship.

Check your partner, this will do you some good- and for your sanity. So is your partner worth keeping besides all the troubled past relationships? Is he worth keeping or just having him withing a 15 foot radius send up alarms all over your brain? Well, use your intuition and commons sense. Be the one to lead, don’t let him lead you on.

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7 Tips For Safe And Free Dating Online

Free dating online has become the modern way for many people around the world to find potential love interests. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to listing yourself on an internet dating site, and safety has to be foremost in your mind, since you may know little about the person on the other end.

There are people that prey off of the ones that are looking for mates and it can set you up for some unsafe conditions. Knowing your patterns can become dangerous if somebody is up to no good, especially if you live alone.

Safety should be foremost in your mind when it comes to online dating, and if you use these 7 common sense tips, you will meet the person you are looking for, without compromising your safety:

(1) Never list home addresses, phone numbers, work addresses or work numbers and don’t give them out until you have met the person several times in public places and have gotten to know them over a period of time. People that are up to no good just want quick access with little time involved before they move on to the next victim.

(2) Set up a separate email account for your dating activities. Be sure you think about the name you use. If you use a provocative name, suitors might think you are interested in sex, which can be dangerous. If you use one that is commitment based like “husband hunter”, you may send many potential mates running for the hills.

(3) Always meet in public places that are further than walking distance from your home or job and not ones you normally go to. If things don’t work out, you don’t want to be faced with running into the person day after day.

(4) The first few personal dates should come after you have communicated online a month or two. Personal dating should be easier once you know the person better, but plan group outings with friends on those first few dates. It safer and their input can be important since they’re not as biased.

(5) Don’t get drunk, always get your own drinks, and don’t end up bringing them to your home after the first few dates. Getting to know them is important for your safety and to find out if they are truly who you think they are. If they are a serious candidate, they will understand and feel the same way.

(6) Always have your cell phone handy on dates. If you need help, it can become your lifeline. Always make sure somebody knows exactly where you will be and where you are going at all times, when dating.

(7) Don’t go away on remote vacations until several months into the relationship. While it may sound romantic, it is also dangerous. Only after you have gotten to know them over a period of several months, should you talk about this possibility. Even then, you should have another couple with you or go with a group of friends, such as on a float trip or a camping trip.

Remember, employers place new employees on ninety days probation when they hire them, shouldn’t you do the same when you are approaching safe online dating and looking for a companion to spend your life with?

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Marriage Counseling: A Christian Approach to Counseling Couples

These promises were not only made to your betrothed but also to God. God keeps his promises so if your marriage is in trouble where does the fault lie? It could be that you and your spouse have not entered the church since the marriage.

Regular church attendance may not be the answer to your problems but it is a good place to begin. A church can help you feel closer to God and there are people there who share the same beliefs as you and can provide support. Of course, most ministers are always available and willing to offer advice. Ministers have been trained to provide marriage help in times of dilemma.

Christian counseling may be what you need if you find God hard to reach by yourself. It can help you determine what God wants from your marriage. It will allow you to understand your spouse and God better while bringing you closer to the solution.

The Bible teaches that since the beginning, marriage has been a part of God plan for humanity. He can help you refocus on your priorities and rediscover your love for each other even if you no longer feel love and know the situation is hopeless.

When you ask God for help, expect a miracle. Seek God help in rebuilding love, trust and to heal your hurt. You will learn how to attack the problem and not the person you love. With God help you will be better able to convey and express your feelings hidden deep within your heart.

There are many books you can read about Christian marriage and how to seek God help. You might start with the Bible that teaches faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love. It also encourages you to be forgiving and kind hearted. Faults you see in your spouse may be a mirror of your own. Be forgiving of your partner mistakes, ignore them and be kind-hearted.

The Bible says be nice and supportive. Look for ways to do good work and to make your partner feel joyous. Offer encouragement in all endeavors. Be gratuitous. No one likes to be reprimanded and most of the time it is not needed. As God has forgiven you, so must you be forgiving. If a marriage is to survive you must be forgiving and compassionate.

It is easy to get confused and become involved in worldly so-called worldly pleasures. So many of these problems are directly opposed to God teaching such as lying, adultery and pornography. These are pretty serious problems and may not be a part of your life but small sins grow as we drift away from God and his teachings.

God teaches us to reexamine ourselves and ask for help. Leave apart your pride and come to God with a willing spirit and you will find a renewed closeness to God and the person you love.

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5 Ways To Save Your Marriage

Even though the advice you get for having a healthy marriage will often times seem obvious, you might find it’s the obvious advice that is needed. Often times when you are in a long term relationship it becomes hard to actually step back and see what is in front of your face and it only takes a bit of simple advice for you to really see where the problems lay.These five tips will help you when you are trying to figure out how to “save my marriage”.

1.Being truthful

Not only being honest with your significant other but being honest with yourself. Part of being honest is actually looking at what is working well and what is not working in the slightest. If you are unable to be truthful to yourself and are fooling yourself into thinking everything is fine, then things will stay as they are instead of improving. In truth, you are more then likely going to find that things are getting worse instead of improving in your relationship.The quicker you realize and admit to the problems facing your relationship, the faster you can resolve the problems.You are half of the way there when you finally admit that there is a problem.

2.Communicating effectively

Communicating properly is a very important part of having a happy relationship. If you are on you way to a divorce it can be a very effective way to save your marriage. It is so easy to fall into the routine of constantly arguing and fighting as the only type of communication. Can you honestly see your relationship lasting if that is how you interact with each other? If you have something to discuss, then sit down and actually discuss it, without raising your voice. When you are actually talking about things it is very rare that the situation will become worse, unlike when you are hurling accusations at each other across the table.

3.Understand that your significant other is only half of the problem.

You need to realize that solely trying to fixing your partners behavior will not fix all of the problems in your marriage. A marriage is the union of two people so to expect one of them to do all of the changing and adapting is not healthy and it won’t happen. If you try to do this it will not lead to a healthy strong marriage. It is much better to discuss the problems and figure out what you can both do to make things better for each other. It is easier to do this because you will both only need to make small changes to keep your partner happy in the relationship.

4. Learn the difference between being in love and falling in love.

When you fall in love with someone they can do no wrong in your eyes and you let them do things that you may not necessarily agree with normally. That is why it takes work to stay in love – the love is still there, but it doesn’t work to act however you please and have the love still be there.

5. The Marriage Karma.

Understanding how karma works in marriages.What you give is what you receive.If you go the extra mile for your significant other and show that you are a kind, considerate, and caring person, then you stand a great chance that you will be treated back with kindness, consideration and care.

These five things can go a long way towards saving your marriage. Just remember, while it is very good to get relationship advice, not all of it will apply to your specific situation. Saving your relationship will take a bit of trial and error as you are finding what works for you as a couple and what does not work for you as a couple.

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Good Dating Tips On How To Be Attractive To Your Date

Whether you are a guy who has always been in a serious romantic relationship, who has not dated for a long time, or who has always been unlucky with women, there are a lot of good dating tips for you to try.

But before deciding to start your venture in the dating scene, arm yourself first with enough physical and emotional preparations as dating is not an easy situation to get into. You are dating a girl with the aim of wooing her to be your girlfriend, so you have to do the right moves to win her heart.

The first tip in the long list of good dating tips is looking your best on your first date. Looking your best does not necessarily mean being extravagant. It is about looking decent, clean and well-groomed. Get a nice outfit and a clean pair of shoes. Remember that if you cannot take good care of yourself, the girl would doubt if you can take care of her too.

The important values that you should practice in a date are chivalry and courtesy.
A woman always wants to be respected and valued. Learn how to open a door for her and assist her as she take a seat.

Other important and good dating tips that you should know include careful planning for your date; learning the art of listening; being knowledgeable about current affairs and the things that might be of interest for her; and sorting out your job.

Before you invite a girl for a date, get some ideas about her likes and dislikes so you can plan where will you take her for a date and what activities you can do together during the date itself.

When listening to your date, practice eye contact and show that you are really interested on what she’s talking about. It would not be a stimulating conversation if you are only pretending that you are listening to her. When she tells important things about her, try to remember them. She will be impressed with you more if you remember the things she told you.

But even if you are already listening to her, you still can’t keep the conversation going if you don’t know much about what she is saying. That is why you have to be up to date about current events by watching the news and reading newspapers. Because women easily get turned off with stupidity and dumbness.

When it is time for you to talk about yourself, do not show obsession about your favorite sports or show one-sided opinions. Most women find sports boring or interpret obsession as lack of creativity or inspiration.

Women also want a man who has an ambition. So it is a plus for them if you have a decent job. Whatever your job is, talk about it and give her some idea about your future plans as far as your career is concerned.

As part of the many good dating tips mentioned above, remember to enjoy the date and have fun. Showing your great sense of humor will bring laughter and fun in the conversation and in the date as a whole.

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How Strong Is Your Relationship? Quick Tips For Create a Healthy and Successful Marriage.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful things God made. In the Healthy Relationships Place the four MOST important phrases you can say in a marriage are:
1. I was wrong.
2. I am sorry.
3. I don’t ever want to hurt you again.
4. Will you forgive me?

The healthy relationship comes first when both partners know that they are the priority and in the number one position. Love and respect is not the same thing when it comes to your marriage! Respect is a man’s greatest need. Love is a woman’s greatest need.
One of the tips for successful marriage is sharing. Marriage life is a long journey for a lovely couple, sharing with each other is very important. How much you share with your spouse means how much you care about her.
Good communication is the foundation of a strong marriage. Many marriages could be saved if spouses improved the ways they communicate with each other. It takes some practice to change old marriage communication mistakes. It’s amazing how the energy between spouses can change so much with just a few changes. Always remember that no marriage will work without patience, love and care.
When you talk make sure you do not use a harsh voice on your spouse or that you are sending your spouse a message that she or he is the unintelligent and dim-witted person on Earth. Be honest with your spouse, it takes a million good experiences to build trust in a relationship, and one bad experience to destroy it.
A happy, lasting marriage requires an effort from both partners which has to include tolerance, caring, and commitment. In addition, both partners must strive to ensure the happiness of each other. If these things don’t happen, a marriage is never going to last.
Get time for romance and dedicate time to your partner when it is just the two of you and appreciate the gift of love together. Get time to meditate and remember those days during courtship when you had a healthy and a happy relationship. Both husband and wife need to take care of the children. This should not be the responsibility of one spouse only. The couple becomes closer together by sharing parenthood.
If you want your marriage to grow and be successful, you have to respect the person you married. The more you value your spouse, and make them feel good about who they are, the more they will respect you for who you are. God gave you to each other, so cherish each and every day with what God has blessed you with.

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